Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Case File #38: "Trick For Treat"

Neon Neon
"Trick For Treat"
Stainless Style

The need to know: An album based on the life and times of John Delorean (you know, the guy behind that crazy lookin' car from Back to the Future) shouldn't work. It shouldn't really even come up for consideration. But this album's mixture of 80s worship wrapped up in modern day criticisms make it an album that's not just fun, but surprisingly relevant. And that can only be due to the fellows in charge: Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys and DJ/electronic artist Boom Bip. A one-off collaboration, it nevertheless earned the band a nomination for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize, an annual award honoring the best album from the UK.

Why it's worthy: On an album that meanders through retro dream pop, nostalgic new wave and hard hip hop, "Trick For Treat" is the track that pulls it all together. Not as biographical as "Luxury Pool", a loose take on Delorean's life story, "Trick For Treat" is nevertheless laden with white powdery references and lifestyle excesses courtesy of guest spots by singer Har Mar Superstar and rap group Spank Rock.

Quotable lyric: "Got me dreaming like a Michigan boy/ In Hollywood/ Got me doing all I can"

Where you've heard it: The video for Neon Neon's "I Told Her on Alderaan" ends with the chorus from "Trick for Treat", complete with a cameo from Har Mar Superstar.

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