Monday, November 30, 2009

Case File #3: "Company Calls Epilogue"

Death Cab For Cutie
"Company Calls Epilogue"
We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes

The need to know: The poster boys of modern-day indie rock, Ben Gibbard and co. have gone from underground darlings to near household names in just a smidge over a decade. Their melodic, lovelorn tunes have found traction all across the board due to Gibbard's wit soaked honesty and guitarist/producer Chris Walla's trademark axemanship. 

Why it's worthy: It's a song. About a dude. Who busts up a WEDDING. If that isn't worth some obsession, I'm not sure what is. I'm hereby declaring this song the anthem of anyone who's ever let the right one get away--and realized it all too late. As humorous as it is poignant and, I'll admit it, disturbing, this is Gibbard at his lyrical best--and his band ain't slackin' neither. Oh, and a happy ending: Gibbard married it girl actress (and bona fide chanteuse from She & Him) Zooey Deschanel in 2009.

Quotable lyric: "I'm dressed up for free drinks and family greetings/ On your wedding, your wedding, your wedding date/ The figures in plastic on the wedding cake/ That I took were so real"

Where you've heard it: An alternate version appeared on DCFC's Forbidden Love EP, which also appeared in 2000.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Case File #2: "Hearing Damage"

Thom Yorke
"Hearing Damage"
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The need to know: How the hell did New Moon end up with such a fantastic and, might I add hip, soundtrack? I would never peg most Twi-hards as the devout Radiohead faithful but I am certainly not complaining. Extra Thom Yorke? Yes, please, and I don't care where it comes from.

Why it's worthy: So everything Thom Yorke touches turns to gold. We know this. But "Hearing Damage" finds the enigmatic Brit in the midst of an impeccable electro freakout, again ditching the guitars for atmospheric beats that perfectly compliment his trademark wail. Nobobdy wails like Thom. Nobody.

Quotable lyric: "You speakers are blowing/ Your ears are wrecking/ You're hearing damage"

Where you've heard it: The song plays in what is arguably the best scene in New Moon. Wonder why that is...hmmm....

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Case File #1: "Sing Me Spanish Techno"

The New Pornographers
"Sing Me Spanish Techno"
Twin Cinema

The need to know:
If you haven't yet discovered the delights of The New Pornographers, boy are you missing out. Formed in 1997, the group--which has an all-star lineup including Neko Case, Dan Bejar (of Destroyer), Kurt Dahle (formerly of Limblifter) and ringmaster A.C. Newman, among other talented individuals--creates dynamic, high-spirited power pop, and, well, that genre doesn't get much better than this.

Why it's worthy: "Sing Me Spanish Techno" is a quirky pop tune as only A.C. Newman can craft them. Why does he want us to sing Spanish techno? I honestly have no idea, but "Listening too long/ to one song" is certainly a mantra we can adopt. And, with a chorus like that, consider this tune the unofficial theme song of Songs to Obsess Over.

Quotable lyric: "The hourglass spills its sand/ If only to punish you/ For listening too long to one song"

Where you've heard it: When my phone rings. It's my ringtone. Because I'm cool.

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