Monday, July 19, 2010

Case File #38: "Wasted Daylight"

"Wasted Daylight"  
The Five Ghosts

The need to know: Relying on boy-girl vocals, courtesy of Torquil Campbell and Amy Milan, and an impeccable pop sensibility, Stars have made a name for themselves since their sophomore release, Set Yourself on Fire made waves back in 2004. Six years and two albums later, the band has added a danceable flourish to their delicious pop sound. Consider their Soft Revolution complete. 

Why it's worthy: "Wasted Daylight" is an escapist's dream. Amy Milan's ode to spending the day in bed, the tune is equal parts dreamy pop and danceable energy. More likely to get you going than to lull you back to bed, it's a consolation prize for the days you can't afford to snuggle up, turn off your phone and ignore the world around you.

Quotable lyric:  "Telephone rings/ But we'll just let it sing/ Hide out 'till tomorrow/ I crawl into your shadow"

Where you've [seen] it:  In addition to his music career, Campbell has also tried his hand at acting, appearing in episodes of Sex And The City and Law & Order back in 2000, the same year that Stars was formed.

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