Friday, July 23, 2010

Case File #39: "Infinity Guitar"

Sleigh Bells
"Infinity Guitars"

The need to know: Sleigh Bells make dance music with a metal soul.  The combined effort of ex-Poison the Well guitarist Derek Miller and one-time girl grouper Alexis Krauss is made to be played loud and often, mimicking blown-out speakers even within its noise-pop sound. Their debut, Treats, is one of the years best reviewed albums (Don't believe me? Believe Metacritic.) and posits Sleigh Bells as one of few bands going that can claim true uniqueness. In short, they own.

Why it's worthy:  "Infinity Guitars" will punch you in the mouth, and, damnit, you'll love it. Strong from the get-go, like most of the album, it's a relentless throttling of guitars and awesomeness that still maintains a pop sensibility through all that noise. Fun and feisty, it only goes to show how much everybody else is slackin'.

Quotable lyric:  "Deaf chords/ Dead ends"

Where you've heard it: The track "Meds and Feds" off of M.I.A.'s latest disc Maya features elements of Slegh Bells title track "Treats". "Meds and Feds" was co-written by M.I.A. with Derek Miller, and Sleigh Bells were the first band signed to her boutique label, N.E.E.T.

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