Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Case File #26: "Kill Me Carolyne"

The Whigs
"Kill Me Carolyne"
In The Dark

The need to know: Since 2002, The Whigs have been building a buzz, including a nod from Rolling Stone in 2006, which asked if the band could be the next great one  to emerge from R.E.M.'s hometown. If you know anything about the Athens, Georgia music scene--and the number of bands in it--then you know that's a huge compliment, and no small task. But The Whigs are certainly up to the challenge, after accompanying Kings of Leon on several tours around the U.S. (including a sold-out Madison Square Garden gig) the trio just recently released their third record, In The Dark, a polished helping of garage rock ruckus.

Why it's worthy: "Kill Me Carolyne" is the quintessential rock single, and anthemic choruses ripe for sing-alongs and verses laden with ambiguous self-deprecation and accusatory relationship drama make this tune more than worthy of an obsession. It may not be the best tune on In The Dark, or within The Whigs' catalog, but it's pretty damn infectious without falling into the traps of drivel that fell most rock bands these days. If this song doesn't get you pumped up for a night out, or to get out of bed, there may not be much hope for you.

Quotable lyric: "I know you love me/ But you'd feel better/ If you just suck it up and/ Kill, kill me Carolyne"

Where you've heard it: The band recently performed "Kill Me Carolyne" on The Late Show with David Letterman

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