Thursday, April 1, 2010

Case File #24: "Leyendecker"


The need to know: One of the more bizarre "It" bands of the last decade, Battles mix the elements of prog and math rock with electro-experimentalism for a uniquely compelling post-rock exercise. Sounds awful, right? There's no way a band can be described as both prog rock and math rock and not be the worst thing ever. Well, wrong. For all of their outside-the-box leanings, the band maintains one hell of a pop sensibility which earned the band praise from both Pitchfork and Time magazine. These may not be the kind of hooks most ears are used to, but, boy, are they in there.

Why it's worthy: A song this strange shouldn't get stuck in your head for days, but this one will. Distorted, Mickey Mouse-on-helium, lyric-less vocals swirl amongst thumping beats and downward scales, and somewhere in the chaos it can't help but trap you. Clocking in at a little over two and a half minutes, "Lyendecker" is everything great about short, catchy pop songs without being anything close to average.

Where you've heard it: Battles' single "Atlas" plays in the construction level of the Playstation 3 game Little Bit Planet

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