Thursday, December 3, 2009

Case File #5: "Paparazzi"

Lady Gaga
The Fame

The need to know: If you're a pop culture conscious individual, you've no doubt seen Lady Gaga...probably before you've heard her. Gaga excels at out-wierding the competition and even though her songs aren't exactly anything new or edgy, she has still made the mainstream pop scene a bit more interesting. Not just anybody can dress up like a planet, guys, and still walk away with five of the years biggest hits.

Why it's worthy: When not using stupid euphemisms like "disco stick," Gaga can actually be downright clever--a distinct reason why "Paparazzi" is the only one of her singles to get an obsession-worthy thumbs up. A slave to its title, the tune turns the tabloidal groan on its head, spinning a stalkerish love tale from behind the camera lens. And the chorus? Catchy enough to keep you up at night. True story.

Quotable lyric: "We're plastic but we still have fun!"

Where you've heard it: All over the usual suspects.

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