Friday, December 18, 2009

Case File #15: "Rag & Bone"

The White Stripes
"Rag & Bone"
Icky Thump

The need to know: You know Jack White, the guy from both The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs? Well, he's also in this other little band called The White Stripes. With that band, comprised of Meg White and himself, he temporarily fooled a lot of people into thinking his ex-wife was really his sister and runs around in a lot of interesting red, white and black outfits. Oh, yeah, he also makes some of the best rock 'n' roll to hit radio this decade. The dude is near unstoppable.

Why it's worthy: I have to admit that this song appeals to my love of yard sales, thrift stores and those great "antique" shops that you only come across along rural southern roads. A great bit of Jack and Meg role playing (Meg might have the cutest speaking voice I've ever heard, and Jack his hilarious), the song is a silly tale of some junk collectors out on the prowl. Accompanied by a bluesy rock guitar riff, "Rag & Bone" feels like a cross between the bad-assery of "Seven Nation Army" and cute goofiness of "Hotel Yorba" or "We're Going to be Friends," which only proves that Jack White doesn't take himself nearly as seriously as some critics do.

Quotable lyric: "It's just things you don't want/ I can use 'em, Meg can use 'em/ We can do something with 'em/ We'll make something out of them/ Make some money out of them at least"

Where you've heard it: My boyfriend and I quote this song to one another constantly. Does that count?

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